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Candidates for the 2015 Slating Convention

Posted January 21, 2015

Below are the candidates that have filed to be slated at the MCRCC Slating Convention on Jan. 31st.


Mayor of Indianapolis – Chuck Brewer

City County Council District 2 – Colleen Fanning

City County Council District 3 – Tim Craft

City County Council District 4 – Michael McQuillen

City County Council District 5 – Jeff Coats

City County Council District 6 – Janice McHenry

City County Council District 12 – Susan Smith

City County Council District 13 – Terri Miller-Penquite

City County Council District 15 – Marilyn Pfisterer

City County Council District 16 – Jeff Miller

City County Council District 18 – Susie Cordi

City County Council District 19 – Benjamin Hunter

City County Council District 20 – Jason Holliday

City County Council District 21 – Anthony Davidson

City County Council District 22 – Robert Lutz

City County Council District 23 – Scott Kreider

City County Council District 24 – Jack Sandlin

City County Council District 25 – Aaron Freeman


Mayor – Edward McDonald

Clerk Treasurer – Brenda Michael

Judge – Andrew Wells

City Council District 1 – Philip Davis

City Council District 2 – Michael Jarvis

City Council District 3 – Chris Duffer

City Council District 4 – Kevin Day

City Council District 5 – Neil Boyce

City Council At Large – Robert Delaplane

City Council At Large – Robert Ferguson


Mayor – Steve Collier

Clerk Treasurer – Kathy Walton

City Council District 2 – Anna Maria Spurgin

City Council District 3 – Brent Addington

City Council District 4 – Dave Parnell

City Council District 5 – Tom Shevlot

City Council District 6 – David Freeman

City Council At Large – Bob Jones

City Council At Large – Phil Mullins

City Council At Large – George Callahan Jr.


Mayor – Vernon “Jesse” Testruth

Mayor – Ronald Baumgart

Clerk Treasurer – Shara Hostetler

Council District 2 – Bll McKinney

Council At Large – Steven Beals


Clerk Treasurer – Monty Combs

Council District 1 – Gary Raikes

Council District 2 – Jeffrey Matthews

Council District 3 – William Suffel

Council District 3 – Jason Delisle

Council District 4 – Eileen Fisher

Council District 5 – David Lindsey


Clerk Treasurer of Cumberland – Erica Salmon

Clerk Treasurer of Homecroft – David Hanson

Town Council of Homecroft At Large – Zachary Frizzell

Town Council of Homecroft At Large – Christopher Mosier

Clerk Treasurer of Warren Park – Kelly Barrett-Brogan



2015 Slating Convention

Posted January 05, 2015

The details for the 2015 Slating Convention are as follows:


January 31st 

Ivy Tech Community College, Conference Center

2820 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

will be from 9:00am until 10:00am

Slating begins promptly at 10:00am.

Ward Chairmen, Vice-Ward Chairmen, and Precinct Committeemen are all eligible to cast a vote at the Slating Convention.  Vice-Precinct Committeemen can vote in place of a Precinct Committeemen with proper authorization.  Parking is available in the lot directly South of the building or the connected parking garage.  Coffee, water and a light breakfast will be provided.

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