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September 08, 2020

Marion County GOP Statement on the Resignation of Indiana Senator Jim Merritt

INDIANAPOLIS— September 8, 2020 —

"Like many, we were surprised to hear the resignation of State Senator Jim Merritt. Senator Merritt has been a tremendous voice for District 31 and the State of Indiana since 1991. During his tenure as Senator, he has earned many awards for his service and has been a vocal leader for the war on opioids. We will miss Senator Merritt in the Senate and wish him nothing but the best in his future." 


State Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Beech Grove)

Marion County Republican Party Chairwoman

House District 89

July 27, 2020

Indy GOP Councilors Express Concern Over City Administration's Desire To Keep Blue Indy Chargers For Food Deserts

INDIANAPOLIS— July 27, 2020 —BlueIndy, a car-sharing program, was brought to the city under the previous administration and did not work out as it was initially thought. Tonight, the Administration and Finance Committee heard Proposal 101, 2020⸺waiving the City’s option to purchase outdated charging units, enforcing BlueIndy’s obligation to remove the units, and re-verting back parking spaces to the public. Council Democrats voted along party lines, with support from the mayor’s office, to roll the dice and keep the charging units in place for now.

“Mayor Hogsett and Council Democrats would rather double down and lose more of taxpayer money than cut our losses and give the citizens and businesses back their parking,” said Brian Mowery, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Leader. “They also have no plan as to how they will solicit feedback; meanwhile, the clock is ticking on who gets the bill on BlueIndy’s charging units.  It should not be the taxpayers of Marion County,” said Paul Annee, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Whip.

Representatives from Mayor Hogsett’s office spoke at the committee meeting that keeping the BlueIndy charging units would help food deserts. Micro grocers could set up on the side of the road to serve groceries out of their truck. 

“To say that investing more money in a project that has already failed will address food deserts, is wrong and giving false hope to people in those areas,” said Mowery. “People want to see a brick and mortar store that is open with regular hours. I would rather see the city investing in food deserts than dumping more money in a failed venture.”

“The Mayor’s representative wouldn’t even commit to not losing any more city money in the project,” said Councilor Annee. “It’s time we cut the city’s losses, as simply and quickly as possible, before it’s too late.  The citizens of Marion County want and deserve real solutions to real problems and this administration continues to fail, miserably.”

July 24, 2020

Indy GOP Councilors Have Had Enough Of Mayor Hogsett And Council Democrats Public Safety

INDIANAPOLIS— July 24, 2020 —Last night, a shooting occurred in Downtown Indianapolis.  Over the past couple weeks, business owners and residents have witnessed drug deals, drug use, violence, trash, graffiti, public urination, and much more downtown. The Republican Indianapolis City-County Councilors have had enough from the self-proclaimed “Public Safety Mayor” that is Mayor Hogsett.

“The citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County have had enough of Mayor Hogsett’s lack of leadership and action,” said Brian Mowery, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Leader.  “If Mayor Hogsett will not come out of hiding and address the issues facing the city, let alone in front of his office, step aside to allow somebody that will,” said Councilor Mowery.  

The Indianapolis City-County Council voted in, 2016 to remove the office of Public safety Director. Since then the city and county has seen violent crime, including homicides, increase every year.  Under Mayor Hogsett’s own admission, he would serve as the de facto head of public safety. 

“In any job, if you do not perform your duties, you are subject to termination,” said Paul Annee, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Whip. “Mayor Hogsett has continued to have a title, but failed to do not only his ‘head of public safety’ position, but has failed as mayor. We have had enough of this violence and behavior that is being allowed by the Hogsett administration and call on him to immediately act or step aside,” said Councilor Annee.

Council Democrats have had a chance to take part in discussions concerning the growing violence in the city this past February. Instead, they chose to play politics while the city continued its violent path. Now, the city has started to grow completely out of control and Council Democrats are refusing to act.

“Mayor Hogsett and Council Democrats will forever be known in this time as the officials that stood by and did nothing while the city was being destroyed,” said Councilor Mowery.  “The behavior that is being displayed downtown must be the welcoming message Mayor Hogsett and Council Democrats want sent to visitors of our great city. We want to show visitors and remind Hoosiers we’re still Indiana’s Showplace and this behavior will not be accepted,” said Councilor Annee.  

July 23, 2020

Indy GOP Councilors Call On Mayor Hogsett To Re-instate The Public Safety Director

INDIANAPOLIS— July 23, 2020 —The Indianapolis City-County Council voted on April 10, 2016 to dismantle the Department of Public Safety by 2017. This vote removed the Public Safety Director and added more responsibility to the police and fire chiefs who report directly to the mayor. Mayor Hogsett has said it will eliminate an unneeded layer of bureaucracy and make him the de facto head of public safety.

Following the increase of violent and uncontrolled crime in the city, Republican Indianapolis City-County Councilors are calling for the re-instatement of the Public Safety Director immediately. 

“Mayor Hogsett has had a chance to be the head of public safety and he is failing at the cost of residents in the county,” said Brian Mowery, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Leader.  “The statistics speak for themselves and it’s clear we have seen an increase of violent crime, including homicides, since Mayor Hogsett took office and removed the Public Safety Director position.”  

A simple walk around downtown, even across the street from Mayor Hogsett’s office, will tell anyone the city needs help. However, the problems are not exclusive to the downtown area. 

“Public safety should always be the priority for the Mayor. Meeting with stakeholders across the county, in an ongoing discussion, should be at the top of the list,” said Paul Annee, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Whip. “We need a Public Safety Director to have these discussions all of the time, not just when the cameras are around.”   

Earlier this week, a group of local ministers met with the mayor to discuss the importance of having a Public Safety Director that lives in the city and has a track record of working with the community. It’s important for everyone to have a seat at the table in order to create a successful public safety program while having a leader completely focused on public safety.

“Indianapolis is once again on pace to set a new record for homicides this year and it’s time for Mayor Hogsett to step down as ‘Public Safety Mayor’ and re-instate the Public Safety Director position,” said Councilor Mowery.  “We need a new approach for public safety and it’s clear given the history, there has been success while a Public Safety Director in charge of public safety,” said Councilor Annee.

July 21, 2020

Marion County GOP Applauds Governor Holcomb For Bringing Much Needed Opportunity To The East Side

Indianapolis GOP Elected Officials Statement on the Development Opportunity at 9702 E 30th Street:

INDIANAPOLIS— July 21, 2020 —
“The last few months have been particularly difficult times as we traverse through life during the pandemic. While leading our State and Hoosiers as we rebound, our Governor stays focused in all areas. Thank you Governor Holcomb for bringing this much needed economic development opportunity to the east side of Indianapolis.  The new jobs are a much welcome gift to my district, Warren Township and Marion County. I look forward to contining to partner with the community while bringing more jobs to the eastside. Thank you Palmer Trucks for choosing a great neighborhood, and we look forward to your success.”
Cindy Kirchhofer
Indiana House, District 89
Marion County Republican Central Committee Chairwomen

“The east side of Indianapolis is has not been immune to the economic impact over the years. The addition of Palmer Trucks will certainly bring much needed jobs and opportunity for those looking. I look forward to continue to partner with the community ensuring many more companies will choose our great city.”
City-County Council Minority Leader Brian Mowery
District 25

"Warren Township is the perfect location for the expansion of Palmer Trucks. After the bankruptcy of Celadon, the opportunity for residents to once again find employment on the East Side will be a beacon of relief during these hard-hit times. Thank you, Governor Holcomb, for your continued support of Warren Township and Indianapolis. Thank you, Palmer Trucks for your investment and faith in Hoosier Hospitality and giving the East Side a second chance."
Councillor Michael-Paul Hart
District 18


December 16, 2019

Councilor Annee Says Changes Made To The Citizen Police Complaint Board Puts Officers At Risk

NDIANAPOLIS— July 16, 2020 —Following the recent proposal at last night’s Public Safety Committee meeting concerning the Citizen Police Complaint Board, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Whip, Paul Annee is gravely concerned about the risk it brings to officers and citizens.
“It’s unfortunate that the so-called ‘sweeping changes’ made to the board last night will, without a doubt, severely undermine that board's credibility and ultimately put our citizens and law enforcement officers along with their due process at grave risk,” said Councilor Annee. “This board was formed to help hold police accountable, reduce instances of the unnecessary use of force, and to give our citizens a voice - unfortunately the new changes does not accomplish any of those important precepts.”
The Citizen Police Complaint Board was formed in 1990 by a joint effort under former Mayor Bill Hudnut, former Public Safety Director Joe Shelton, former Police Chief Paul A. Annee, former Public Safety Chairman Bill Dowden, and many others within our community. To quickly change the a board that has continually delivered for the citizens and officers, without bi-partisan support, is very concerning.
“I believe it is one of the most important tools the citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County have at their disposal. I've always had the utmost respect for the board and its process and am very proud of the fact that my grandfather, former Indianapolis Police Chief Paul A. Annee, helped form the board,” said Councilor Annee. “Unfortunately the
new changes would result in an even more adversarial relationship between community and police while seeking to give our citizens a false impression of real reform.”

June 21, 2020

Marion County GOP Calls for Increased Leadership from Mayor Hogsett and Council Democrats

Failing leadership drives away good people from important roles in our community


INDIANAPOLIS— June 21, 2020 —Following months of growing violent crime in Marion County, the Marion County Republican Party is calling for increased leadership from Mayor Joe Hogsett and Indianapolis City-County Council Democrats.

“Last week, Marion County saw its 100th homicide this year and Mayor Hogsett calls for community-based crime prevention groups, which is great,” said Cindy Kirchhofer, Marion County Republican Party Chairwoman.  “However, Council Republicans urged the city to take action 6 months ago when they recommended a commission on public safety doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately, it was voted down by Council Democrats and Mayor Hogsett referred to it as ludicrous.”


Council Republicans brought forth Proposal 43, opening a crime commission, to the Public Safety Committee.  However, it was quickly voted down by Council Democrats who would rather score short-term political victories than engage in long-term, bi-partisan solutions.


“The Council Republican caucus applauds Mayor Hogsett for his announcement of a project to create a community-driven definition of justice and public safety.  In fact, we felt so strongly that we recommended a commission on public safety six months before it was announced.  The commission was to involve leaders in education, law enforcement, criminal justice, and community members on a city-wide study of resources spent to combat crime and which ones are working and which are not. We hope this commission could be again be considered by Council Democrats,” said Brian Mowery, Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Leader.


Mayor Hogsett once referred to himself as a public safety mayor and often uses an example of Community District Resource Councils (CDRC) as neighborhoods working together. One of the most effective CDRC’s was IMPD Southeast District CDRC.  The eight-member leadership of the southeast side CDRC submitted a mass resignation letter over the past weekend, frustrated, by what is perceived to be Mayor Hogsett’s failing anti-violence initiatives. 


The resignation letter stated, “Those who speak of reducing violence turning their heads, ignoring or even encouraging rioting, violence and looting. Community leaders speaking of defunding, dismantling, and disbanding the police department. Violent criminals being released with little or no accountability.”


“We, as elected leaders, are chosen by the voters in Marion County to do a job. Mayor Hogsett’s job is to help keep our community safe. Clearly, as we see with the CDRC resignations for Mayor Hogsett’s lack of action and homicides at an all time high in Marion County, he has failed his job.” said Chair Kirchhofer.  “Mayor Hogsett’s failed leadership driving away good people from important roles in our community," said Councillor Mowery.

May 30, 2020

Marion County GOP Calls For Accountability in County's Absentee Balloting Chaos

INDIANAPOLIS— May 30, 2020 —Following weeks of reports of delayed and incorrect processing of absentee ballots in Marion County, the Marion County Republican Party is calling for increased accountability of Mayor Joe Hogsett and Marion County Clerk Myla Eldridge’s management of the primary election.

“Since March, Mayor Hogsett and Clerk Eldridge have promoted and spent taxpayer’s dollars encouraging all Marion County residents to vote absentee,” said Cindy Kirchhofer, Marion County Republican Party Chairwoman. “However, it’s clear that neither of them had the forethought, planning or resources to execute a program that addresses an increase in absentee ballots. Unfortunately, this could cost hundreds, if not thousands, of our residents the opportunity to vote in this primary.”

Reports continue to come in across the county of duplicate ballots being mailed to the same individual, residents never receiving their ballot weeks after their request, and incorrect ballots being sent to voters. This follows a $2 million emergency budget appropriation from the City of Indianapolis containing unbudgeted dollars to send absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the city.

In a request to the Indiana Election Commission, Clerk Eldridge has requested that the state allow Marion County to continue to accept absentee ballots after the Primary Day deadline at noon. However, as Secretary of State Connie Lawson said today in a response, Clerk Eldridge did not request help until three days before the deadline to request absentee ballots.

“Lack of prior planning and preparation are not sufficient reasons to change deadlines. In fact, extending this deadline will not help as many Marion County voters haven’t received a ballot.  Deadlines are in place for security and accountability purposes,” said Secretary Lawson, in her letter to Clerk Eldridge.

Because of these delays, Marion County voters who receive their ballots in the days immediate before the primary are encouraged to hand-deliver their ballots to the 22 polling centers around the county before noon on Primary Day.

“I fully appreciate that there have been challenges this election, but Clerk Eldridge has had every chance to lead – all while offered unprecedented resources,” said Kirchhofer. “In addition to emergency city appropriations, she had the benefit of an extra month of planning and access to PPE and supplies for poll workers. If you spend money telling everyone to vote absentee, do not be surprised when you have more ballots to process,” said Kirchhofer.

Cindy Kirchhofer

Chair, Marion County Republican Central Committee

March 20, 2020

Primary Election Update

Governor Holcomb continues to be proactive in leading Indiana’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping Hoosiers safe is his top priority and today the Governor, Secretary of State Connie Lawson, Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer, and Democrat Chair John Zody made an important announcement today related to Indiana’s Primary Election in May:

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the primary election will be moved from May 5 to June 2, 2020.

The Governor and Secretary of State announced additional related actions:

  • Suspend absentee by-mail rules to allow any registered voter to vote absentee in the upcoming primary.

  • The window for absentee ballot requests remains open through 12 day out from the new primary election date.

  • Medical professionals will be eligible members of traveling boards to allow nursing home and hospital patients to vote.

  • Family members will be allowed to deliver absentee ballots.


Gov. Holcomb signed an executive order to suspend Indiana’s election statute and move the dates. The executive order is posted here:

Statement from Governor Holcomb: “The right of citizens to elect their leaders in a free and open election is one of the cornerstones of America. In order to balance that right with the safety of county employees, poll workers and voters, delaying Indiana’s primary election is the right move as we continue to do all we can to protect Hoosiers’ health.”

Statement from Secretary of State Lawson: “As Indiana’s Chief Election Officer, it is my top priority to protect our elections, but, above all else, it is my duty to protect the health and safety of Hoosiers,” said Secretary Lawson. “I believe the bi-partisan recommendations we have asked the Indiana Election Commission to take will allow us to provide all Hoosiers the opportunity to vote.”

Statement from Chairman Hupfer: “Hoosiers have always come together in times of crisis and today’s bipartisan announcement to move Indiana’s primary election to June 2 is yet another example of that unity. Moving our primary is not a step we took lightly, but it is necessary. Moving to June 2 will provide for the safety and security of all involved in the election process and allow additional time for those tasked with the job of conducting the election to prepare. I’m grateful for the leadership of Governor Holcomb and Secretary Lawson and appreciate Chairman Zody’s commitment to a bipartisan solution.”

This was a difficult, but necessary, decisions. Elections are the bedrock of our republic and making this adjustment will ensure more Hoosiers can exercise their right to vote.  This was a bipartisan solution.  The Governor and Secretary of State worked with the chairs of both major parties to reach this solution. No fault absentee voting has only been expanded for the June 2 primary.  At the time, the November 3 General Election is not impacted and will continue as scheduled.  

These are certainly unprecedented times and Hoosiers are coming together like never before. As Governor Holcomb says, “we’re all in this together.” We will win this war against COVID-19!

Thank you for everything you do for MCRCC,

Cindy Kirchhofer
Chair, Marion County Republican Central Committee

February 06, 2019

Council Republicans Express Disappointment at Democrat Decision to Shelve Crime Commission

Council Republicans Express Disappointment at Democrat Decision to Shelve Crime Commission Indianapolis City-County Council Minority Leader Brian Mowery expressed disappointment and outrage today when Public Safety Committee shelved Proposal 43, which would have created a commission to take a comprehensive look at Indianapolis’ crime and murder problem. “Less than an hour after Democrats unanimously voted against out proposal, four people were murdered,” Mowery noted. “It is sad and frankly shameful that there are individuals in our city who rather score short-term political victories rather engage in long-term, bi-partisan solutions.” The Commission, which would have been a bipartisan effort, would have included experts in criminal justice, law enforcement, education, and community members to recommend policy changes to advance the cause of reducing violent crime. It would have also looked at the disparate impact of crime and violence on the African-American Community. “Twenty-eight people have been murdered in Indianapolis since January 1,” Mowery said. “How many more of our citizens have to die before Council Democrats take this problem seriously and put politics aside for the good of Indianapolis?”

February 02, 2019

Chairman Carpenter Comments After Slating Results

INDIANAPOLIS – Today the Marion County Republican Party and its members voted on candidates to represent the party in 2019. Following the results. Chairman Carpenter said:

“From the top of the ticket on down, the Marion County Republican Party has a great team of candidates - led by Jim Merritt for Mayor. Our Party is united behind the goal electing a Republican Mayor, retaking the majority on the City County Council and supporting our great teams in the City of Lawrence and the Town of Speedway. All of our candidates did a great job of reaching out to organization members and making their case for why they should be supported. I am thankful to all who were committed to this process.” 

Candidates slated for Indianapolis:

  • Mayor: Jim Merritt

  • District 1: Rick Anderson

  • District 2: Colleen Fanning

  • District 3: Dan Jones

  • District 4: Mike McQuillen

  • District 5: Adam Cox

  • District 6: Janice McHenry

  • District 11: Evan Shearin

  • District 15: Andy Harris

  • District 16: Laura Giffel

  • District 18: Carrie Zapfe

  • District 19: Tony Mendez

  • District 20: Jason Holliday

  • District 21: Tyler Richardson

  • District 22: Jason Richey

  • District 23: Paul Annee

  • District 24: Doug Wood

  • District 25: Brian Mowery


Candidates slated in Lawrence:

  • Mayor: Steve Collier

  • City Clerk: Kathy Walton

  • Council District 2: Robert Sterrett

  • Council District 3: Brent Addington

  • Council District 4: Desmond Woods

  • Council District 5: Tom Shevlot

  • Council District 6: Lauren Russell

  • Council District At Large: David Parnell

  • Council District At Large: David Blount

  • Council District At Large: Mark Clark


Candidates slated in Speedway:

  • Council District 1: Gary Raikes

  • Council District 2: Jeff Matthews

  • Council District 4: Eileen Fisher

  • Council District 5: David Lindsey

November 19, 2018

Chairman Jim Merritt Stands with Council Republicans in opposition to salary increases

INDIANAPOLIS – Today Chairman Jim Merritt spoke on the upcoming proposal to increase City-County Council salaries by two hundred percent. In doing so, he said:

“I am proud to stand in support with the Republican members of the County Council against giving themselves and other County-wide elected officials a pay increase. I’m saddened to see that my counterpart, Kate Sweeney-Bell, whom also happens to be the County Recorder has not come out in opposition to this proposal. This money could be spent to hire more police officers, help tackle our crumbling infrastructure or pay down debt. It’s important that we focus our spending on things that will move this city forward rather than handing out pay raises to elected officials.”

November 01, 2018

Statement from Chairman Jim Merritt on new City-County Councillor Danielle Coulter

INDIANAPOLIS – I want to thank all of those who participated in tonight’s caucus for City-County Council District 23. I would also like to congratulate Danielle Coulter on winning the caucus and being elected as the next Councillor for District 23. Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the council and will serve her constituents and our city well.

September 11, 2018

Chairman Jim Merritt Announces Jefferson Shreve as new City Councilor in District 16

Indianapolis, Ind. – Tonight Chairman Merritt announced that Jefferson Shreve has been selected by the precinct committeeman to be their new City-County Councilor in District 16. In doing so, Merritt said:

“Tonight, the Precinct Committeemen of Council District 16 have selected Jefferson Shreve to serve as their next Councilor. I want to congratulate Jefferson on being selected. Jefferson has previously been a member of the Council and will be able to jump in without missing a beat. His previous experience on the council as well as being a business owner right here in Indianapolis will serve the residents of his district and our County well.”

August 02, 2018

Indianapolis, Ind. – Today Chairman Merritt made the following statement on Indianapolis's ranking as the 10th most dangerous city in America.

“Just two days ago I told Joe Hogsett that he needs to stop the publicity stunts and get serious about crime. Now, an independent organization has ranked Indianapolis as the 10th most dangerous city in America. This is tragic and completely unacceptable.

Then-candidate Joe Hogsett told us that he would be tough on crime as mayor. This is another area where perpetual-candidate-Hogsett and finally-elected-Hogsett have been miles apart. He told residents that ‘The proof will be in the pudding, it will be in the performance’. Well, the proof is that under three years of Mayor Hogsett, public safety has plunged and violent crime has soared. Time and time again Joe Hogsett has shown he is incapable of performing the fundamental functions of the office. How can we be a world class city when Hogsett refuses to address the most serious issues facing Indianapolis?”

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